August 1st – August 2nd

August 1st

I found a 5th Avenue candy bar today, which is likely the high point of my trip. 🙂

Rode about 75 miles today on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canalway, which is a national park. As I write this, I’m just overwhelmed by how wonderful the world is. DUMB AND CHEESY. Chalk it up to the candy bar I just ate but I’m pretty happy.

Met two guys, Alan and Andy, on the trail and rode about 40 miles with them. Really fun couple of dudes, they were two experienced cyclists, one a physics professor and the other a history professor, and I got all sorts of interesting factoids along the way. After they left, it was a little lonely. I had an imaginary conversation with my friend Dave, which was a little strange. Maybe going a little crazy.

God, is it ever swampy. Standing in the Potomac and watching the sunset makes it worth it though.

Sunset on the Potomac.

Sunset on the Potomac.

GAP to C&O!

GAP to C&O!

August 2nd

Easier ride today, though my knees were complaining a bit. Rode about 60 miles to Harper’s Ferry and am now chilling at the hostel there. It’s a nice homey place, with plenty of character.

Nothing that wild to report about the ride itself, other than I ate about 10 billion spiderwebs. I don’t know what these things’ deal is, why are they insistent on spinning webs right across the trail? What are they hoping to accomplish with one strand of web slung across the damn thing?

Tomorrow will be my last day riding.




3 thoughts on “August 1st – August 2nd

  1. Good posts, Thomas. How many miles so far? By the way, they quit making 5th Avenue candy bars 5 years ago, so that one you found on the gas station shelf had been there for some time. Miles on a bike makes everything taste good!

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