July 31st

July 31st

How does the saying go? The spirit is willing but the body is weak? I had to stop about 15 miles outside of Cumberland because it was starting to rain and I was bone tired (still got about 78 miles though). There was only pay camping in Frostburg ($25/night!) so I just sprung for the hotel room that was $10 more. It’s not the prettiest place ever, but there was a bar next door where I could get french fries and a beer, which was the perfect end to a day.

I’m going onto the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park tomorrow, so the trail’s likely to change a bit, but the good news is that it’s all downhill from here. I hit the highest point on the trail yesterday, and now it should be easier sailing to get to DC.

A little lonely out here, not very many people on the trail, which is nice, but I’m starting to wish for a little human companionship  Guess I’m a people person. I’ve made a goal not to listen to any music or podcasts or anything like that while I’m biking, and all the head time has given me quite a bit of time to think, which is good. I’ll write a bit more about that later.

Got a new bike pump and another pair of underwear. Should be good to go now.

This tunnel was over 3000' long! Awesome.

This tunnel was over 3000′ long! Awesome.



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