August 3rd, Final Day



August 3rd

Easy ride to Georgetown today, about 60 miles. I got lost once I got into the city proper, but that’s normal. The monuments are much bigger than I thought they would be. Anywho, didn’t see too much crazy interesting scenery, though there was a shift in the terrain once I got to the Great Falls area. All of a sudden, things got much rockier and the forest got a bit more lush and tropical looking.

It’s good to be done, as my knees aren’t super happy with me at this point. Now that I’ve arrived in Georgetown, I can start looking for a place to live and getting ready for grad school, which might be a much more difficult task then riding 500 miles!

I checked on the scale and I lost five pounds on the trip, putting me at a nice even 200.

19 miles to DC. I wanted to take a picture of the 20 mile marker, but I couldn't find it.

19 miles to DC. I wanted to take a picture of the 20 mile marker, but I couldn’t find it.

This is my last post to this blog, I have another I update regularly just blabbing about my life and stuff. If you want to check that out, you can go to and read away.



August 1st – August 2nd

August 1st

I found a 5th Avenue candy bar today, which is likely the high point of my trip. 🙂

Rode about 75 miles today on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canalway, which is a national park. As I write this, I’m just overwhelmed by how wonderful the world is. DUMB AND CHEESY. Chalk it up to the candy bar I just ate but I’m pretty happy.

Met two guys, Alan and Andy, on the trail and rode about 40 miles with them. Really fun couple of dudes, they were two experienced cyclists, one a physics professor and the other a history professor, and I got all sorts of interesting factoids along the way. After they left, it was a little lonely. I had an imaginary conversation with my friend Dave, which was a little strange. Maybe going a little crazy.

God, is it ever swampy. Standing in the Potomac and watching the sunset makes it worth it though.

Sunset on the Potomac.

Sunset on the Potomac.

GAP to C&O!

GAP to C&O!

August 2nd

Easier ride today, though my knees were complaining a bit. Rode about 60 miles to Harper’s Ferry and am now chilling at the hostel there. It’s a nice homey place, with plenty of character.

Nothing that wild to report about the ride itself, other than I ate about 10 billion spiderwebs. I don’t know what these things’ deal is, why are they insistent on spinning webs right across the trail? What are they hoping to accomplish with one strand of web slung across the damn thing?

Tomorrow will be my last day riding.




July 31st

July 31st

How does the saying go? The spirit is willing but the body is weak? I had to stop about 15 miles outside of Cumberland because it was starting to rain and I was bone tired (still got about 78 miles though). There was only pay camping in Frostburg ($25/night!) so I just sprung for the hotel room that was $10 more. It’s not the prettiest place ever, but there was a bar next door where I could get french fries and a beer, which was the perfect end to a day.

I’m going onto the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park tomorrow, so the trail’s likely to change a bit, but the good news is that it’s all downhill from here. I hit the highest point on the trail yesterday, and now it should be easier sailing to get to DC.

A little lonely out here, not very many people on the trail, which is nice, but I’m starting to wish for a little human companionship  Guess I’m a people person. I’ve made a goal not to listen to any music or podcasts or anything like that while I’m biking, and all the head time has given me quite a bit of time to think, which is good. I’ll write a bit more about that later.

Got a new bike pump and another pair of underwear. Should be good to go now.

This tunnel was over 3000' long! Awesome.

This tunnel was over 3000′ long! Awesome.