July 28th – July 29th

July 28th

Just looked over my mileage. I went about 80 miles tday. Pretty awesome. I’m highly satisfied after yesterday. I suppose that the first day is always the worst. My front rack broke off first thing in the morning and about decided to hitch a ride home, but after careful redistribution, I managed to get everything onto the back of the bicycle. We’ll see how it works. A man named Terry is letting me use his backyard as a campsite outside of Jewett, Ohio, a town that looks exactly how it sounds. I’ve passed through about a billion of these small towns, and I really enjoy it, even though I get strange looks from the locals when I scoot through on my bike.

Beer and Pepsi have taken on a new meaning in this heat.

July 29th

Writing this from a comfortable little hotel outside of Pittsburgh called the Neville Motel. Run by a very nice older lady, and also very affordable. I figured because it was cheap, I’d spring for it, get a chance to take a shower and wash my clothes in a sink.

Did around 65-70 miles today, would have done more, but damn, there were a lot of hills. I’m not Lance Armstrong and this isn’t the Tour de France, because I am walking my bike up these hills. Bought a pizza, ate the entire thing. Feeling pretty good.

So far, my bike’s holding up well. My knees are bothering me a little bit, and my palms are starting to get numb, both things that would be expected.



Selfie at the motel.

Selfie at the motel.

One thought on “July 28th – July 29th

  1. Now you know what it feels like to get old

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