July 25th – July 26th


Chicago’s Union Station

Here’s my first two journal entries. Pretty uneventful stuff, just riding the train.

July 25th, 2013
Boarded the train around 3:30am. It was rough saying goodbye to the family. I’ve never been that great at goodbyes, and this time was no exception. I’m going somewhere where I don’t really have any friends, so it kind of felt like I was leaving my last connection behind.

On the train, I thought I got lucky and scored two seats to myself, which turned out to be wrong when at 5am I was shaken awake by a man calling himself “Mr. T” who informed me that he wanted the window seat. I discovered later that this guy’s seat was somewhere else, and he wanted to sit next to the window, but because I’m a pushover, I let him sit there, where he proceeded to talk extremely loudly about why he likes the train (getting to stand up and move around, earning mileage points). He couldn’t seem to figure out how to use the reclining function on his seat, so I helped him with that as well. He kept talking until around 6am, at which point I think he got bored with me going “uh-huh,” “yeah” and “ok.”

Nothing feeds a deep sense of ennui like riding on a train.

July 26th, 2013
MORE TRAIN. I finished reading my book, and now I am spending my time revising some pages from my book. I’ve eaten nothing but granola bars, cherry tomatoes and tortillas with peanut butter. I have no idea why I selected these as my train foods.

I’ve found an optimal sleeping position. I find if I put the little footrest up and turn onto my side, I can make a sort of “s” shape with my body, which give optimum comfort. Keep that in mind if you find yourself on the train and are a tall lurpy dude.

Now I’m sitting in Chicago Union Station. I went and got a falafel, which is highly satisfying. I think I should only speak about the food I eat for the remainder of my journal entries.  Also, train bathrooms are gross.

Ok, boarding a new train now. Will resume writing tomorrow after I’ve done the first leg of my bike journey.

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